I think that after the anxiety of establishing a blog, creating my first post, and determining my focus or vision, I thought I would do what most people do – update you with some things I am working on right now, and possibly throw in some high-fives for moments in history – such as the Obama nomination acceptance speech (amazing!).

So, my roommate and I recently splurged in the garment district, buying fabrics and getting inspired to make something!  She is working on costumes for Halloween (she’s a costumer) – I am working on my first real garment.

Determined, with loads of time on my hands, and plenty of inspiration – I found gorgeous blue animal print silk that I HAD to have and the perfect pattern on burdastyle.com to create a “easy” neglige – perfect for staying cozy.    For my first garment EVER – I think I did a pretty good show, and the full day of work paid off.  I used 2 yds of fabric and 2-3 yds. elastic & 2 yds velvet ribbon for trimming details.

I have to give special kudos to project runway for the inspiration to sew garments and have fun.  Yes – I am completely addicted to this show.  I have no hopes of becoming the next contestant – but I DO have plenty of enjoyment watching stella, jarell, korto, “this is suede”, and other characters squirm.  I mean, the idea of dressing up anorexic women to display clothes no one can afford seems completely against all my morals, except – these characters are lovingly toiling away like starving artists pursuing their craft… it can’t be thaaat bad (said the addict to her dealer).

I don’t know if I love or hate Kenley Collins – but I’m starting to hate.  She reminds me of one of those preppy girls I went to high school with who LOVED fashion so much and discovered betty paige too late in the game and held onto her like a security blanket. Turns out she is from Florida, and all I have to say is Florida cannot wait to have you back!  (Turns out she lives somewhere in Bushwick, my stomping grounds… maybe we’ll have a cat fight).

While I appreciate a strong-minded woman who is hot and self-confident, she’s a bit obnoxious… saying she would miss daniel after he got booted only one episode after she laughed at him in front of the judges when he said his style was “sophisticated”.  Sorry, Kenley, do you have friends?  Or have they seen through your transparency yet… still, you do have a fun style, albeit a predictable one, and generally has already been done.  I can’t wait for you to get booted.

Suede, Terri, Jarrell, Korto and Leanne can stay.