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Retro Butterick ’48 Robe


Retro Butterick ’52 Mrs. Draper Dress


African Inspired Ruffle Skirt & Top


Retro Butterick ’47 Dress


Custom Made White Bone used for gowns, wedding dresses, corsets.

Custom Made White Bone used for gowns, wedding dresses, corsets.

Recently, on my long labor day trips to the garment district, I found a sewing machine repairman in the yellow pages.  My trek took me to the basement of namesake designers Vogue, Valentino, and others who I’m guessing have many offices, propped with its own machine repairman – who also happens to make custom boning, and manages (supposedly) through ads on the yellow pages, and word of mouth.  I have decided to help him out and advertise on craigslist his services.  Let me know if you’re interested.  He repairs, sells, and (re)sales new and old machines that have been tossed by the finest.   This includes millinery machines.  He also makes custom foots for your own stitching.  Very handy for designers!  In order to make this sound less like an ad I will divert you to my craigslist postings.

A view from the basement somewhere in the garment district.

A view from the basement somewhere in the garment district.

Not much to say here – other than I have created my first ruffle!  I found this fabric on sale and fell in love with the candy-stripe circa early-80’s feel and decided to continue the theme with a little ruffle.  I may look like a child wearing it – but then again – you haven’t seen my candy cane holiday ruffled shirt!!   I will let you know on it’s ongoing progress and of course – final product!

I think that after the anxiety of establishing a blog, creating my first post, and determining my focus or vision, I thought I would do what most people do – update you with some things I am working on right now, and possibly throw in some high-fives for moments in history – such as the Obama nomination acceptance speech (amazing!).

So, my roommate and I recently splurged in the garment district, buying fabrics and getting inspired to make something!  She is working on costumes for Halloween (she’s a costumer) – I am working on my first real garment.

Determined, with loads of time on my hands, and plenty of inspiration – I found gorgeous blue animal print silk that I HAD to have and the perfect pattern on to create a “easy” neglige – perfect for staying cozy.    For my first garment EVER – I think I did a pretty good show, and the full day of work paid off.  I used 2 yds of fabric and 2-3 yds. elastic & 2 yds velvet ribbon for trimming details.

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